Aquairum Design

Offering a custom design-build experience, we build your dream aquarium, bringing your ideas to life.

We offer a line of standard aquariums or can help you design that custom tank you have always wanted. Regardless of the aquarium size or design you are looking for, our experienced staff will help you customize a tank that will suit both your space and your budget.

The first step to having us build your dream aquarium is to contact us for your free consultation. We will come to your home or business and discuss how we can turn your dream aquarium design into a reality.

Acrylic Aquarium Design

Custom design-build experience where we build your dream aquarium bringing your ideas to life.

We use a minimum of 1" thick high-pressure acrylic engineered to withstand the water pressure, weight and stress factors. 

You will be supplied with all the necessary connections, hosing, fittings, motors, flanges, and anything else you can think of!

All aquariums are constructed using the highest quality materials and components from trusted manufacturers.

On-site aquarium installation by experienced and trained technicians.